Over 5 Million Repairs Performed! 


 What is Mobile Colors?

Paint Repair

Mobile Colors is simply a body shop on wheels. We come to you and in most cases your vehicle will be finished in the same day.

Where it Works 
Each truck comes to your home or job with the technology to perfectly match new paint to your vehicles color. DentPro Colors technicians use only high quality, long lasting paint to repair scratches, minor chips and blemishes on most every surface.

Where it Works 
The NSP Colors system of color touch-up eliminates minor surface damage that can make your car look past its prime. We can make your car look like new without the expense and inconvenience often associated with going to conventional automotive paint shops.

We Repair:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Plastic (bumpers)

NSP provides:

  • Free written estimates
  • Substantial savings
  • Service on all makes and models
  • Expertly trained and insured technicians
  • Environmentally safe technique
  • Quality work on repairs other shops won't touch
  • Satisfaction 100% guaranteed